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Catriona Hall gets inspiration from her house, built on the site of a monastery in 1663 and overlooking the surrounding moors. It is said that 3 different British Queens have stayed there and an old grey lady still wanders! She is inspired to paint by the rugged countryside around her home.

She paints with an earthy acrylic palette on board giving an aged look to her compositions. Most of her subjects face to the left as she finds it almost impossible to paint otherwise; they are often portly and a little short legged too!

Catriona focuses on the subjects first and works them up in pencil and then paint. Once they are completed she adds the background around them.


Lions and Unicorns - This design was inspired by the old nursery rhyme where her characters fight for the crown. Her interest is in heraldry and stylised beasts. The backdrop of green sward covered in millefleur is a direct reference to the backdrops of medieval tapestries.

Fabulous Pheasant - This design shows a pheasant proudly strutting around Catriona’s home by the moors.

Foxes School Run - Inspired by Catriona’s school run with her children through the Peak District!

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