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Clare Phillips is a Bristol based illustrator and designer. She graduated from the University of the West of England with a distinction in printmaking. She focuses on the playful and imaginative and likes to create miniature worlds that convey a sense of optimism.

She loves mid-century retro design and is particularly inspired by old London underground posters and vintage children's books.


Sam has been lucky to have worked with Clare on many designs;

 Foxes Playing - this playful children’s design shows friendly foxes, hedgehogs and other animals having fun in the woods around Bristol.

London's Calling - inspired by old London underground posters and vintage children's books showing many iconic London scenes including red telephone boxes and Buckingham Palace.

Bristol Coloured Houses - an iconic scene from her home, Bristol.

Cambridge - shows a student cycling along the River Cam passing the iconic Kings College Chapel on a glorious spring day in Cambridge.

Vintage High Street -  bustling with all kinds of quaint and traditional shops; From the penny sweet shop to the ironmongers, the tea rooms and the bookshop. It's a trip down memory lane... or street!

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