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Ronald Haber is a plein air painter and works in many different mediums. He initially studied photography and painting at art college and then furthered his knowledge of oil painting by attending evening classes for a year.

He went on to become a photojournalist for a local newspaper and later opened an art gallery.

He has no favourite subject matter and can turn his hands to landscapes, portraits or animals in his own unique style and over time he has won a variety of competitions.


Whitby Harbour - Ronald went touring with his wife along the Yorkshire coastline and was fascinated by the Robin Hood’s bay reflections and the vibrant red roofs set against the atmospheric Whitby Abbey, inspiring him to create his design.

Lymm Canal - He painted this design whilst on a walk with his son who lives in Lymm Village. A glorious summer’s day on the canal

Manchester Shambles - This design shows his local, affectionately known as the Welly. The Old Wellington pub is in Shambles square, Manchester and is a very popular meeting place!

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