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Melvyn Evans studied at Exeter College and the Royal College of Art becoming a professional artist in 1992. His work focuses on capturing the essence of the British countryside, historic places and monuments. Melvyn draws with charcoal and breaks the space into areas of grey, black and leaving the white; this is then translated onto his distinctive linocut prints.


Knole House designs - He is particularly drawn to the medieval Knole House in Sevenoaks, Kent and has designed a set of 3 prints; the first showing the light and shadow in the Great hall, the second of the ancient woodland trees and the last the house with deer grazing in the parkland. 

Thames People - This design shows the tides of people that use the bridges and the paths along the River Thames. It captures the spirit that exists from quieter stretches with willows, swans and rowers to the excitement of jugglers and performers along the Thames path.

Whitstable Oyster fleet - Oysters have been collected in Whitstable (Kent) since the Roman times and this is celebrated at the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival!

Vine Cricket ground near Sevenoaks - it is one of the oldest grounds where the earliest known game was for Kent v Sussex on Friday 6 September 1734, Kent won..

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